Tuesday – Sunday 




or until sold out

Closed Mondays


*Happy Hour Every Day 5-6pm*

$7 Margherita pizza, $3 drafts, and $1 off wine.

(Pizza and a beer for $10...pretty sweet.)








How big are the pizzas you sell?

10-12 inches. I can eat one by myself, but my favorite thing to do is share a couple pies and salads with a friend, so we can taste more. Also, beer goes well with all of that.

If you’re selling out of pizza, why don’t you just make more dough?

We make our dough using the best ingredients – local flour and wild yeast. Joey mixes and rolls the dough out by hand everyday. We started the first week of business with the space and muscle to make about 70 pies a day. Due to the demand, we have trimmed our lunch service down to end at 2:00 so that we can roll out additional dough for dinner, increasing our yield to 100 pies a day. We believe this careful process is what makes the most delicious pizza dough. We give the same care and time to every ingredient that we use in our kitchen and strive for as little waste as possible. We know that the highest quality things usually come in small batches and we only want to give you our best. We post on Facebook and Instagram when we sell out. Check there first or come in early - we'd love to have you.

I fell in-love with a salad I had at Nonavo, why is it no longer on the menu?

We get our produce from small family farms. Our menu changes with what's ripe. The farm deliveries are some of the most exciting times in the kitchen, ideas flowing, testing and tasting. Passion and excitement really do taste better than boredom and monotony.  Not to worry, things will come and go and come back again, just like the seasons.

Do you have gluten-free pizza?

We do not have the space to make gluten free dough at this time. However, salads are usually gluten free - as well as the daily additions to the to the menu, starting with the produce we got from the farm. Joey is also known to make a flourless chocolate almond cake on occasion. Not to worry, you'll be satisfied and happy. Just let the counter know of your allergies and we'll gladly accommodate you.

Do you have vegan options?

Yup. Check out the pesto pie with our house-made herbed almond ricotta. Tell the counter that you're vegan and they'll guide you through our menu.

I see that you are often busy. When are the best times to get a seat?

After 1:00 pm it chills out. Also 5 pm on the nose is a good time as well as after 7 pm. But if you're coming late, be sure to check Facebook or Instagram for sell-out updates.

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations at this time, but if you give us a heads up if you are bringing in a large party, that will always be appreciated.

Where should we park?

Downtown Vancouver has lots of street parking. Metered until 6 and free on the weekends. (don't forget to push the button on the meter for a free 20 mins). If you can't park right out front, there is a public garage on Broadway and 6th on the southwest side of the freeway exit.

Do you do take-out?

Please ask the counter if we can and they will tell you how long it will be. During our busy times we may be unable to offer take out. Our process is such that if we were to accommodate all take-out orders, we would compromise the experience of those that chose to eat with us, as well the integrity of the carefully prepared food. But do ask, because at slow times it's totally doable.

Do you deliver?

We just aren't set up to do deliveries. But there are plenty of nice spots around town that do deliver.

Do you have a phone?

Nope. Sorry if that frustrates you. I assure you, you'd be more frustrated to call and get no answer. Please email us if you have any questions and/or concerns and we will get back to you asap. Thanks.

I always see the same guy making the pizzas. Does he ever sleep?

Not really. That's Joey. He rarely sleeps. But he dreams big and he's living his dream. Say hi next time you're in and admire his dreamy pizza slinging biceps. (Or just say hi.)  

Do you love me as much as I love you?

Yes. Yes we do. Thank you for supporting us.

What if I don't really like you that much?

That's okay. We can't be everything to everyone. But we still like you, no hard feelings.